Procurement Services

General Supply

We are able to deliver virtually all telecommunications & engineering services equipment and devices at the right time, quality and cost.

  • Electrical Tools – earth tester, meters, tool box, insulators, conduits etc
  • Civil Tools- Anvil, saws, lever, shovels, etc
  • Mechanical Tools
  • Construction Tools- Excavators, caterpillars, etc
  • Electronic Tools- Laptops, GPS, Camera
  • Diesel Supply
  • Granite Supply
  • Sand Supply
  • And any other materials on request.

Channel Partners

We are also have partnership with leading international organization seeking to penetrate the telecommunications industry in Nigeria & Africa at large.

Equipment Sales/Lease

Our equipment sales and lease span across several industries and sector – telecommunications, agriculture, infrastructure, energy, power, management, transportation (road & rail) and aviation.