Network Deployment

Turnkey Site Build note
Civil Works
  • Turnkey/ Civil build solution
  • Subsoil Investigation: DCP test and Borehole logging.
  • Technical Site Survey
  • Site Component Design Drawing; Site layout and orientation drawing
  • Tower foundation & Erection
  • Shelter Build, Generator & Fuel tank installation
  • Excavation & Backfilling (Soft, Hard & Rocky Soil)
  • General Pipe Laying (PVC, Galvanize , HDPE, Flexible & Bend Pipe)
  • Construction of Man Holes, Hand Holes & Joint Boxes
  • Concrete Breaking and Re-Instatement
  • Asphalt Breaking & Re-Instatement
  • Road Crossing & Bridge Crossing
  • Thrust Boring

Efficiently building new fully deployed wireless networks requires deep insight into all facets of network planning, design, deployment, and optimization. Centdoor multi-vendor and multi-technology expertise can power a network, delivering 2G, 2.5G and 3G networks that push best practices to new levels. Centdoor leverages on effective team coordination and program management, multi-vendor roll out experience, and project accountability and ownership to deploy networks within scope and budget. Centdoor offers the following network deployment and system integration services:

  • Base Station Subsystem (BSC & BTS) installation and commissioning
  • GSM Antennae System (RF feeders, jumpers, antennae, TMA etc) installation and commissioning
  • Radio Resources (TRX & Combiners) upgrade/downgrade implementation
  • Core Network Nodes (MSC, HLR, IN, M2000, UMG8900, etc) installation and commissioning.
  • Transmission Nodes installation and commissioning: Microwave - PDH/SDH, Fiber optics nodes - OSN, DWDM, etc.
  • Functional testing, troubleshooting and commissioning
  • System Integration, verification and feature testing
  • System Acceptance Design and implement microwave point to point networks: long or short haul
  • RF network planning and design.
  • Site survey and validation.
  • Link budget analysis, design criteria and traffic analysis.
  • System dimensioning for coverage and capacity.
  • Cell data and network parameter planning and design.
  • Frequency planning and interference analysis.
  • Neighbor Planning.
  • In-building planning
  • Evaluate loss/attenuation, fading and fading margins, quality, availability and interference analysis.
  • Microwave Link engineering.
  • Line of Sight survey
  • Site Selection and Technical Site Survey
  • Perform expert testing from design stage through acceptance, ATP.
  • Frequency and capacity planning
  • Installation, configuration, testing and commissioning of equipment.
  • Path creation and cross connection of E1 to BSC.
  • Experienced on Harris, Ericsson, AWY, and Stratex radio in flat, hilly, hot, dry and humid terrain
  • Installation and commissioning of microwave radio systems with a complete package of microwave dishes, indoor and outdoor equipment, coaxial feeder cables and power cabling.

Site Acquisition

Site acquisition forms a vital part of coverage rollout and our SAQ team is poised to handle this in a one shop activity in conjunction with our RF/TX Engineers. Specifically, our site acquisition team has enormous capacity to handle the following in relation to property rollout:

  • Site reconnaissance survey in line with RF nominal/coverage plan
  • Site survey and search in line with RF nominal positions using relevant SAQ equipments.
  • Cost effective site negotiation/ pricing/documentation
  • Site Acquisition Reporting with details of taken position, site structure, ownership etc
  • Technical site survey mobilization with RF/TX/Civil.
  • Monitoring /securing site acceptance and or 2nd cut issuance
  • Site payment/documentation and issuance of access to requisite sites

Fiber Deployment
Planning & Design
  • Cable Route Survey, Planning & Design of Cable Networks
  • Civil work Survey & TSD (Technical Site Drawing)
  • Quantity Survey(QS)/Detailed Estimation
  • Material Procurement Plan
  • Right of Way (ROW) & other Regulatory permit Acquisition
  • Statutory/Government Liaison
  • Project Supervision to End –to-End Project Management
  • Enforcement of Standard Engineering Practices and Specifications Compliance on Contractors to ensure “ZERO” Defects
Implementation & Commissioning
  • Detail Survey & Design of Fiber Cable Route
  • Cable Blowing, OFC Laying, Stringing & OFC Pulling (Manual)
  • OFC Drum Testing
  • Cabinet ,Patch Panels & ODF/MDF Termination
  • Shelter Entry & Installation
  • Optical Fiber Cable Installation
  • OFC Splicing, Termination , Link Testing & Commissioning
  • As-Built Designs & Documentation